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Skyblock Plus Skyblock Plus#0205
+ (customizable) or / commands
A Skyblock focused Discord bot with numerous commands and customizable features to enhance the experience of players and guild staff.
Owner: unknown Prefix: + (customizable) or / commands

Skyblock Plus is a Discord Bot that is focused on the Skyblock gamemode in the Hypixel Minecraft server. It has dozens of commands and allows for quick retrieval of Skyblock statistics. On top of that, it has multiple customizable features for guild staff.

Some of its basic features include the ability to retrieve a player’s statistics, including, but not limited to, their slayer, skills, and catacombs. It also has commands to view statistics about different Hypixel guilds. Some other commands include getting an item’s lowest bin price or average price or looking at a player’s auctions. It can even search the entire auction house for a specific item! There are also advanced commands such as calculating the price of an item or a player’s networth.

One of the many unique features of this bot is the inventory commands. These commands use emojis to represent different items in a player inventory, ender chest, storage, wardrobe, and more in Discord.

The bot also has many customizable features aimed to help Hypixel guild and Discord staff improve their guild and server. These include:

  • Automatic verification: users link to the bot through the Hypixel API to get a ‘verified’ role. Their nickname also can be updated based on their username or guild rank.
  • Automatic guild | applications: an automated process that processes a player’s statistics, checks if they meet the requirements, and sends it to the server’s staff to accept, deny, or waitlist.
  • Automatic guild | roles & ranks: gives players a guild member role if they are in a certain guild. It can furthermore give players a role based on rank in the guild.
  • Automatic Skyblock roles: automatically processes a player’s statistics and give roles based on their data and the setup roles.

These are only some of the features that the bot has. The bot is constantly getting improved and updated with new features.

For more information and help view the forum post here: