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Get the latest news from and stay updated on the latest CS:GO esports news! We also have a different set of commands to share detailed statistics about players and teams!
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A bot that interacts with HLTV to inform you about the latest news and matches!

Click here to add the bot to your server.

This bot can automatically send messages for the latest match results, news and started/ended events on HLTV. We also provide commands which search HLTV and provide you with information about players, teams and much more!

Setup (only admins can use these commands)

Command Parameters Description
/init [#channel] Sets the current or specified channel as the default channel for news and results.
/set stars [number between
0 and 5]
If a completed match has less than the specified stars, then it won’t send a message on your server.
The number of stars depends on the ranking of both teams and which event at which stage the match is.
We are not resposible for the amount of stars a match recieves.
/set featuredevents [true or false] If set true, the bot will only send a message if a featured event just stared/ended.
/set news [true or false] Disables/Enables autmoated messages about recent news.
/set results [true or false] Disables/Enables automated messages about the last completed match.
/set events [true or false] Disables/Enables automated messages started/ended events.


Command Parameters Description
/ranking [country/region] (optional) Informs you about the global ranking or in a specified country/region
/team [name] Shows you a summary about the specified team. The information are sometimes a week behind.
/player [playername] Gives you selected information about a player.
The player will be cached for seven days for performance reasons.
The bot may be slow to respond to this command.
/upcomingmatches [date] (optional) or [team] (optional) Lists the next scheduled matches of a specified team or on a selected date.
/upcomingevents β€” Responds with all currently scheduled upcoming events in the next 30 days.
/live β€” This command will give you a list of ongoing matches with links to all livestreams and the HLTV page of that match.
/event [name] Informs about a specified event.
/events β€” Shows you all ongoing events with links to their HLTV page.
/help [command (optional)] Like any other help command, this will send you a similar help like this.
/about β€” About us

About us

We are a team of three developers who have been working on this bot during the last three months. If you have any questions issues about this bot, message us on discord (Revilum#9569, Marcoooo #0492 or ~π•·π–†π–π–šπ–˜π–†~#0699) or write us an issue on Github. If you want to support us, vote for our bot on or send us a donation on patreon.