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QuoteBot #8019
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The go to tool for saving and organizing quotes in servers! Save your friends' funny quotes using QuoteBot!

Proudly storing 3400+ quotes from over 550 unique users!

Each user has a unique quote profile per server.

Rules: There are no strict rules on what can and can’t be added to QuoteBot but we do separate quotes that we detect contain vulgar terms into a different section in an effort to have quotes be more neatly organized based on their content. EXCEPTION: Links and Personal Information cannot be added to QuoteBot, attempting to do so excessively may result in a blacklist


  • /add | Adds a quote to a user’s profile example
  • /profile | Displays a users QuoteBot profile. View all quotes with easy to navigate menus (profiles are unique per server) example
  • /quote | Randomly picks a quote of a user and displays it example
  • /delete | Deletes a quote from a user’s profile (the message associated with the quote will automatically delete) example
  • /pin | Pins a quote to your QuoteBot profile main page, this is global and can be seen in all servers example
  • /bio | Change your bio on your QuoteBot profile main page, this is global and can be seen in all servers example
  • /setchannel | Set specific channels for certain QuoteBot messages example

A massive thank you to all using QuoteBot on your server it means the world to me.

————–[Latest Update]β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”


  • update /quote command, the message will no longer delete after 2 minutes, however there is an option to have it delete
  • added /setchannel command which allows you to designate what channel certain QuoteBot messages are sent to
  • Quote messages will now automatically delete when their associated quote is deleted

Upcoming Changes:

  • Support discord server