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Owner: ! cipher #0069 Library:
music, administration, fun, mini games, memes, reaction roles, giveaways, image search, snipe and editsnipe, welcome and bye messages, levels, polls
  1. do giveaways

  2. play music and radio

  3. make polls

  4. reaction roles/self roles(and you don’t have to make them again, old messages can work)

  5. kiss/hug/punch/fuck commands

  6. levels

  7. reddit and wiki search

  8. snipe and editsnipe command

  9. all of the known moderation commands(mute, kick, ban, add role)

  10. meme, “gayrate”, and “love” commands

  11. welcome and bye messages

  12. auto-join role, to keep server organized

  13. avatar and info command to know stuff about users

  14. truth or dare mini-game

  15. purge command

  16. many mini-games

and it will have a currency system in the future