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Axie Academy Axie Academy#5749
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SLP Tracking bot for Axie Scholars
Owner: pedrostar2200 Prefix: /axie-academy

**** An all-around bot for Axie Infinity Scholars, Managers and Guild/Server Owners ****

This bot is created by BlockchainSpace.

For more information, Please visit:

You can also EARN by referring the Axie Academy bot!

Register your BEP20 or ERC20 address - every NEW server that you recommend, ask the server owner to use the /axie-academy referral command to register your referral code (you can make this up!)

Player/Scholar Commands:

/axie-academy help: Shows command list

/axie-academy register-as-scholar-applicant: Apply to guild scholarship program

/axie-academy add-ronin-address: Add player ronin address to be tracked by the bot

/axie-academy edit-ronin-address: Edit player ronin address to be tracked by the bot

/axie-academy account-details: Shows player/scholar performance and account details

/axie-academy request cashout: Scholar command for requesting cashout

/axie-academy convert-slp type: Shows value of entered amount in PHP, BTC and,ETH

/axie-academy slp-price: Shows real time value of SLP converted to PHP or USD

Manager/Server Owner Commands:

/axie-academy register-server: Register the server to the bot (Server owner only can access this feature)

/axie-academy register-a-guild-manager: Register a discord ID as manager

/axie-academy remove-a-guild-manager: Remove a discord ID as manager

/axie-academy add-a-scholar: Add a scholar to the scholarship program

/axie-academy edit-scholar: Edit the details of registered scholar

/axie-academy remove scholar: remove scholar from the scholarship program

!dashboard: Show your scholar tracker dashboard (Guild Manager only can access this feature)

!import: Mass adding of scholars by sending the scholar list in csv format

!import format: Shows import template

Manager Tools:

/axie-academy manager-tools action:check-top-slp-earner: Shows list of top scholars by SLP

/axie-academy manager-tools action:check-top-mmr: Shows list of top scholars by MMR

/axie-academy manager-tools action:reset-cashout: Resets cashout list

/axie-academy manager-tools action:get-cashout-request: Show list of scholars who requested cashout (can be downloaded)

/axie-academy slp-race: A tournament for rewarding your Top Performers in an SLP race over a specific timeframe