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Log almost all actions in your server, with special support for PluralKit messages!
Owner: sam Prefix: cl! or mention or /

Catalogger is a bot to log almost all actions in your server, with special support for the PluralKit bot, being able to log messages proxied through it, and ignoring messages deleted by it.

It’s designed to do one thing – logging – and do it well. If you’re looking for one bot to do everything, this isn’t it.

It tracks members joining and leaving, along with the invites they used, changes to the server, roles, and channels, and, of course, edited and deleted messages.

You can configure it through a dashboard or with commands! Check out cl!help or /help info to get started.

  • Shows extra info for messages proxied by PluralKit: the account that sent the original message, and the member and system ID that proxied the message.
  • Ignores messages that trigger proxies, keeping your message logs clean.
  • When a user is banned, marks their linked PluralKit system as banned, which helps with finding alts.
  • Invites are tracked and can be named, for more context in join logs.
  • Can optionally only log members being added/removed from a configurable list of “key roles”, to keep role change logs clean: especially useful if you have a lot of self-assignable roles!