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Ai Ohto Ai Ohto#0953
Owners: awua , aura ᓚᘏᗢ Library:
Ai Ohto is a versatile Discord bot that offers a wide range of features to help you manage and customize your server.
Owners: awua , aura ᓚᘏᗢ Prefix: /

Ai Ohto

Ai Ohto is a fun and useful Discord bot designed to enhance your server experience. With a wide variety of commands and constantly-updated features, Ai Ohto can help you manage your server, add some fun utilities, and more! You can even customize your server settings to create a unique and engaging community. Whether you’re looking to manage your server or simply add some entertainment, Ai Ohto has you covered. Try it out today and see how it can help your server thrive!


  • /about: Get some details about the bot.
  • /commands: List of all my commands.
  • /feedback: Provide feedback to the bot developers.
  • /ping: Replies with some ping information.
  • /version: Check the bot’s version.
  • /vote: Get the vote link for the bot!


  • /chat: Send messages into the chat!
  • /coinflip: Flip an amazing coin!
  • /httpcat: Get a random HTTP cat or look up a specific one!
  • /interact: Interact with another user using a variety of different interactions.
  • /quiz: Generate a trivia quiz just for you!
  • /twitter: Create a fake Twitter embed!
  • /uwu: Makes your message UwU~


  • /domain: Lookup a domain name
  • /github: Look up a GitHub user or repository.
  • /horoscope: Lookup your horoscope for the day.
  • /minecraft: Minecraft command group
  • /spotify: Spotify command group
  • /twitch: Lookup a Twitch channel


  • /guild: Change the bot’s guild settings
  • /invite: Lookup an invite code
  • /math: Do some math with the bot!
  • /random: Choose a random something!
  • /server: Get this server’s information.
  • /snowflake: Convert a snowflake ID to a date.
  • /user: Get a user’s information.