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Q&A Q&A#9475
The Q&A Bot is perfec to create a dynamic Q&A|FAQ quick and easy. It allows for easier interaction with question by your community.

This bot allows for an easy way to respond and collect questions from your community.

Perfect for:

  • Q&A
  • AMA
  • FAQ

Easy Setup (All Info also available with "/help"): - Run "/setup" and select the channel for the Q&A, and a hidden queue channel. - Done. Now just wait for questions from your community and reply to them.

The Bot is the perfect solution for engaging with your community and answering their questions. It directly allows you to build/collect a Q&A made out of questions by your Community. With its easy setup, it's also viable as a Q&A only for a certain Event/short period. The Bot uses Embeds as well as only slash commands and buttons for ease of use and a clean look

All commands and a description for them: - /help | Gives information about the setup of the Bot. - /setup | Set up the bot. - /color | Set color for embeds sent by the bot.