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Reputation Bot Reputation Bot#9015
A community driven level system. Scans messages of users and gives them reputation when they are thanked.

Reputation Bot - Your community driven Level System

The Reputation Bot was created for communities where the main focus is on mutual help between users.

Normal level systems, which are based on pure activity are not able to reflect how much a user contributes to the community. User which have a lot of knowledge and are helping all the time have the same level like users which asks a lot of questions all the time. Thats where the Reputation Bot comes in handy.

How does it work

The bot gets triggered by so called “thankwords”. These are user defined words (We provide reasonable default settings for every supported language) which usually are something like “Thanks” or “thx” or something completely different.

On receiving the thankword the bot will perform several check, which might lead to giving reputation to a identified target. If the bot cant identify a target it will question the user which used the thankword to give reputation to a available user.

We decided against a command for giving rep for multiple reasons:

  1. Users nearly always write some thank phrase anyway, which we can use to identify targets.
  2. Actively asking the user to give reputation, will remind him and make it easy to give reputation. This is less work for the user. It is important to make it as easy as possible.
  3. A command would be an actively reminded action by the user and can be considered as additional work besides thanking the person who helped.
  4. The bot is not disruptive and deletes his messages afterwards to keep the channel clean.

All in all we want to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to give reputation. It should be a no brainer for the users to use and should cause as less additional actions as possible.

To see the different ways to give reputation have a look at our extra page

Reputation Profile

Each user will have its own reputation profile. The top users get some nice badges on it.

Reputation profile with badge


You can define multiple roles which a user will get when he has a minimum amount of reputation.
These are displayed as level.

A list of roles


We provide three different toplists

  • Total
  • Month
  • Week

The month and week toplists are a rolling sum of reputations during the last 30 or 7 days.

Abuse Protection

We implemented several mechanic to block reputation where we can not identify any reason for it to be given.

Read more on our abuse protectionpage


Setup is easy.

Just execute the /setup command and follow the instructions.

After this, there are some optional steps you may want to take a look at.

  • Use the /scan command to scan the messages in a channel for thank phrases. This will backfill your reputations. You can scan up to 100k messages in a channel. This will take some time and you can only scan one channel at a time.
  • Set your own reputation emote with /repsettings reaction. This can be a custom emote from your server or a normal discord emote.
  • Use the /repsettings command to tweak your settings.
  • User the /thankwords check command to check if a message would give reputation.


The bot supports only slash commands. Type / in you server and have a look at the listed commands