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Invite Management Invite Management#6068
+ (changeable), mention, slash
Advanced Invite Management Bot with less lag, customisable join & leave messages, & utility features. Choose b/w slash & normal commands.
Owner: Siris Prefix: + (changeable), mention, slash

Invite Management

Main Commands

  • inviter: Shows the user who invited the target user
  • invites: Shows invite count (with joins, leaves & bonus) of the target user
  • invited: List of users that have been invited by a specific person
  • leaderboard: List of all users sorted by their invite count
  • invitecodes: List of your invitecodes with their uses


  • emojis: Shows an list of emojis and stickers provided, which allows you to download and steal them
  • accounts: Lets you precisely filter accounts based on join, creation date & inviter. They can then be kicked/banned if necessary
  • avatar: Shows an userโ€™s default avatar, server avatar and banner


  • All commands are available as slash commands too!
  • The bot uses context menus to let you find the inviter just by right-clicking an user!


  • Join and leave messages are 100% customisable.
  • A list of predefined variables is available to customize the template.