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Come meet the successor of Furry Bot, Maid Boye! I'm a cute little maid bot for keeping your server nice and tidy.

Introducing the successor to Furry Bot, Maid Boye! Maid Boye is a cute little maid bot for keeping your server nice and tidy.

We have many features to help keep your server lively and functioning, such as:


We’ve got a full modlog implementation, with warnings, strikes, and cases. Modlog cases can be edited, and reasons can be hidden from non##staff members. The modlog can be configured via /modlog, and any moderation actions performed through the bot (such as bans, mutes, warnings, etc) will create a case that will be shown in the modlog, if enabled.

Welcome/Leave Messages

Very customizable welcome & leave messages. They’re sent via a webhook, so you can make it look like anyone sent it! You can display the user’s badges (such as active developer), their guild member flags (such as rejoined), as well as toggling mentioning of everyone, roles & users on and off to prevent mentions when you don’t expect them. Messages can also have embeds suppressed, as well as being made silent so no push notifications are sent. Still don’t understand how good they are? Give them a try! They can be configured via /welcome.

Leveling/Leveling Roles

We’ve got an entire leveling system which can be seen both locally, and globally (leveling is per server, so you can be on the global leaderboard multiple times!). Leveling without notifications is always enabled, so even if you decide to enabled notifications later, or never enabled them, you’ll still be vying for those top spots! Along with the competitiveness, roles can be assigned when any arbitrary role is reached. Multiple can be assigned to one role, and roles will be retroactively given to those who already meet the level (they will be given the next time they level up). Leveling starts out with an increasing curve at first (previous+100 xp needed per level, ex: 1 - 100 (100 total), 2 - 200 (300 total), 300 - 300 (600 total), and levels out at level 20, where each subsequent level will require 2000 xp. You can gain between 5-15 xp once per minute, both by normal messages and interactions (with me).

Extensive Logging

We have one of the most extensive logging suites you’ll ever find. Don’t believe me? Take a gander at all of these supported events:

  • AutoModeration: Action Execution, Rule Create/Delete/Update
  • Bans: Add/Remove
  • Channels: Create/Delete/Update
  • Emojis: Create/Delete/Update
  • Integrations: Create/Delete/Update
  • Invites: Create/Delete
  • Members: Add/Remove/Kick/Update
  • Messages: Delete/Delete Bulk/Update
  • Misc: Guild Update/User Update
  • Roles: Create/Delete/Update
  • Scheduled Events: Create/Delete/Update/User Add/User Remove
  • Stage Instances: Create/Delete/Update
  • Stickers: Create/Delete/Update
  • Threads: Create/Delete/Update/Member Add/Member Remove
  • Voice: Join/Leave/State Update If that list isn’t thorough, I don’t know what is. You can have a whopping 100 logging entries total (for those keeping count at home, there’s 47 events currently) with up to 5 of each type (in different channels). Each event also typically lists detailed information about updates. For instance, Member Update will show roles added/removed, nickname changed, etc. Guild Update will show features being added to the guild (usually from Discord, or by enabling Community or Pausing Invites), icon changes, name changes, description changes, setting changes (afk channel/timeout, boost bar being show), etc.

Message Sniping

The content of deleted/edited messages is stored, and can be retrieved later via /snipe & /editsnipe. As per Discord’s standards, any identifying information as well as any content is stored entirely encrypted. We only have one developer and I have no interest in reading your messages. They are automatically deleted after 6 hours, and encryption keys are rotated every month or so. Sniping can be disabled across an entire server by using /settings disable-snipes and setting it to true. You can disable sniping your messages by using /preferences disable-snipes and setting it to true. Note that disabling the sniping of your messages will disable your ability to snipe the messages of others.


Store long strings of text behind simple words anyone can access. The content of tags can be up to 750 characters. They can be managed via /tags.


Animals? Animals! We’ve got commands to view pictures of many cute animals.

Fun Stuff

8ball, marrying, fursuit images, howls/congas/furpiles (commands which multiple users can join), hugging, kissing, glomping, napping, patting, poking, pouncing, and more (some with optional images to accompany them).

Stealing Emojis/Creating Emojis & Stickers

With our /steal command, you can provide any existing emoji (animated or not), or a url to an image to create an emoji/sticker out of. URLs provided should respond with a 204 No Content when fetched with a HEAD request in order to be considered valid.


self assignable roles are roles that anyone can add to/remove from themselves via a command. Roles can be added via /selfroles add, and removed via /selfroles remove. Users can gain roles via /selfroles join, and lose them via /selfroles leave. A partial name can be provided to join/leave, if multiple roles are matched, a select menu will be given to the user. This system is fairly simple, there isn’t anything in place to prevent joining roles users have been manually removed from, or removing roles users have been manually added to.


Images can be automatically posted in a set interval in configured channels (the intervals are currently 5, 10, 15, 30 & 60 minutes). Autoposted messages in news channels will be automatically crossposted. Want a red panda posted every 10 minutes to a specific channel? Got it. Want something a little more spicy possted every 30 minutes? Done and done.

Many more features can be found via using the bot in your server.