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🚀 DailyQuotes delivers 45k+ inspiring image quotes to your server every day! Customize messages in 110+ languages and enjoy custom-generated image quotes for everyone! Elevate your community now! 📜

⭐ Introducing DailyQuotes: Elevate Your Server’s Atmosphere with Inspiring Quotes! ⭐

DailyQuotes is not just a bot; it’s your daily dose of inspiration delivered right to your server! 👨‍🚀 With a vast collection of over 45,000 random quotes, you can set the mood for your server every day at 10 AM UTC. Whether you’re running a support server, a hangout spot, or a gaming community, everyone can use a sprinkle of positivity in their lives.

👨‍🔧 Easy Setup Guide:

  • /set quotetype: Choose from four different categories - General, Anime, Movie, Developer, Motivational, Game, and Self Improvement Quotes.
  • /set channel: Select your desired channel. Ensure the bot has the necessary permissions, and you’re good to go.
  • /set language: Customize the language for DailyQuotes when sending. The default is English.
  • /set pingrole: Set a role to ping when the bot sends a Daily Quote. -/set time Sets the time that the bot sends the daily quote -/quote Gets a quote in english with whatever category you choose
  • /translate_quote: Get quotes in your preferred language. Just specify Language and Category.

🌐 Multilingual Support:

DailyQuotes speaks 110 different languages! Because inspiration knows no boundaries, make your server feel at home with quotes in the language that resonates with your community.

🏛️ Live Quotes Feature: Get Creative!

Your community members can now not only enjoy DailyQuotes but also become creators with our exciting Live Quotes feature. Express yourself by crafting your own quotes using our user-friendly image quote feature. For mobile users, simply hold down the message; for desktop users, right-click or press the More button, then press apps, then select Image Quote. But that’s not all - unleash your creativity with these customization options:

  • Multiple Backgrounds: Choose from a variety of backgrounds to suit the mood of your quote.
  • Fonts and Font Sizes: Personalize your message by selecting different fonts and adjusting font sizes.
  • Font Color Editing: Add your unique touch with customizable font colors.

Stay tuned for even more customization options on the horizon! There’s a limit of 5 edits per image per user (more edits can be earned through voting), and premium perks offer more edits and customization options.

⭐ Premium Perks:

Elevate your DailyQuotes experience with our premium perks, designed to provide you with more control and customization:

  • Increased Edits: Enjoy more opportunities to refine your messages and quotes with an increased edit limit.
  • Extended Display Times: No need to rush! Premium users benefit from longer display times before buttons and menus time out.
  • Custom Timing for Daily Quotes: Choose the perfect moment for your server to receive its daily dose of inspiration. Set custom times for normal daily quotes to align with your community’s schedule and preferences.
  • Picture Quotes Instead of Embeds: Enhance the visual appeal of your quotes by receiving them as picture quotes rather than traditional embeds. Let your messages stand out with vibrant images and personalized styling.

Your support as a premium user not only enhances your DailyQuotes experience but also contributes to the continuous improvement and expansion of features. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and benefits!

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