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Thor Thor#4448
Thor is a Auto-Moderationbot with an upcoming AI, to make Servers safer against Hackers, Trolls, Raiders and other Harmful People

Thorbot is a Moderation bot. He’ll get a AI to Moderate the Server like a Human, for now he does these things:

  • delete Invites from possible Trolls
  • Global Warnings
  • Rewardsystem to reduce your Global Warnings
  • Automatic global ban (on the servers the bot is on) for users with too many global warnings
  • Few Fun-commands
  • deletes Spam-messages from Pokecord, avoidable through Naming that Channel “Pokecord, Pokemon or Poketwo”
  • Emergency Command, to delete all current Invites and blocks new ones for a while(In case you get Raided, but you dont know where they’re coming from)
  • Audit-log Search through the Bot
  • Normal Server Ban with 7-Day Message deletion(also deletes the Invite from that User to prevent Invasions from there)
  • Avatar Grabber and Resizer
  • 60 Minute Mute
  • 2 Hour Invite Blocker
  • Autodeletes Links which are Blacklisted (Manually viewed by the Team)
  • Copy the Banlist from one of your Moderated Server to another moderated Server
  • Auto-Roles for specific Invite Codes (if someone joins with that Invite, he’ll get the Role linked to that Invite)
  • Auto-deletes Invites from non-Mods (everyone without Manage_Guild or Administrator or Manage_Message and Ban Permissions)
  • Auto-bans Members that send Websites which contain CP and Blacklists these Websites
  • Posts Content to a Random Channel if the Chat was Inactive for more then 150 minutes (the Content will be autodeleted after 5 minutes) to revive the Chat

In the Future:

  • Recognizes Images and deletes Gore,Pedo(Loli, Shutacon, Cub), deletes NSFW Images in SFW Channels
  • Recognizes the Content of Textmessages, so he deletes Gore- ,Pedo conversations