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An advanced poll bot with tonnes of customisation, and no voting blocks. Made by a man with an unhealthy obsession with polls

Inquiry is a bot that makes polls. Nothing more nothing less. Featuring extensive customisation, all you need to do is ask the question.

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So how do you use Inquiry?

Simply type /poll and name your poll. From here you can customise the poll to your needs.

Once customised, hit submit, and a modal will appear letting you add your options.

All polls have the following optional settings

  • Colour - What colour should the embed be?
  • Description - Add a description to your poll
  • Duration - How long can people vote in this poll?
  • Max_Votes - The maximum number of votes per user
  • Hide_Results - Hide the results of the poll until it has closed
  • voting_role - Require the member has a specific role to vote
  • Open_Poll - Allow people to add their own options to the poll
  • Thread - Create a thread for this poll
  • Inline - Should the options be displayed inline (side-by-side)
  • Image - Add an image to the poll
  • Close_Message - Send a message when the poll is closed


Need a poll fast?

Use premade poll commands. These commands create a poll with pre-set options for you.

Currently, there are:

  • poll_boolean - a poll with yes or no options
  • poll_opinion - a poll with agree, neutral, and disagree options
  • poll_week - a poll with the days of the week
  • poll_blank - an open poll with no starting options
  • poll_elimination - A poll where options are eliminated when you vote for them

What about custom emoji?

Custom emoji couldn’t be simpler; just put an emoji anywhere in the option’s text, and Inquiry will extract it for the option’s emoji



But what about suggestions?

Inquiry comes with an automated suggestion system too! Let your users suggest things, and vote on them with ease



Made a mistake?

You can edit polls too, up until you close them. Simply use the edit_poll commands

Want to close the poll?

To automatically close polls, use the duration setting, otherwise just react to the poll with 🔴

It’s your data!

These are your polls, your voters, and your results. If you want to take your results from a poll to use for something else, its your right to. Use /export to export the data out of the polls in whatever format you need.