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MLB Game Feed MLB Game Feed#8554
olivia // chew
A bot for listening into active MLB games.

This bot allows you to view the live play-by-plays for any game. This attempts to mimic gameday

To get started, add the bot to your server. Next, wait for a game to be active, finally, type /startgame to see active Major League games.

Supported Message Types:

  • Score Changes
  • Game Advisories (Injury Delay, Pitching changes, etc)
  • Inning Changes


  • /startgame [game] - Starts a game. Select a game from the list, but any gamePk is acceptable. You can grab this from sites like to show minor league games. If no games show up, there are no active Major League games.
  • /stopgame - Stops the currently running game.
  • /score - Shows you the current score privately.
  • /setinfo - A command to show specific info as a Voice Channel name.

Running /startgame does not memorize the game, you will have to start it every time a game starts!